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Secret Santa julklapp game for Christmas time

Advent season and at Christmas with the popular Wichtel gift game

There are various game instructions and game variants for secret santa. But none was as exciting and varied as the version of the card game. The card game "Wichtel Present Game" guarantees a fun and exciting evening to get the swing in the round. Because the 52 playing cards have it all.

For example, the card texts (German and English) require the player (s) to take action in order to hand over a package, to receive it yourself or to hand over a package. The aim of the game is to have as many packages as possible at the end.

Example compliant: With the card "hand over a packet of the person left of you" ensures that the owner must hand over his package to another person. But the joy of the new owner may not last long, because soon it says with another card "Everyone gets up and go two places, without taking the package" and then everything changes for the other players. Maybe there will be rescue by the player beating a somersault.

The game is very popular for young and old in the run-up to Christmas and Christmas and provides many surprises. Whether at a company party, club meeting, family reunion or just a meeting with friends. There are only enough packages to be present, the card game makes for fun and varied hours.

The fun and exciting parlor game for family parties and parties is available in well-stocked bookstores under the EAN / GTIN 4280001597013 for the price of 12,50 EUR.

The 50 card texts are in German and English. The rules of the game are also in both languages.

Manufacturer: Cybernex GmbH, Rattenberger Str. 31, 81373 Munich, Tel. 089.7460105

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